Edu*Rhetor blog


Rhetorica, by Marten de Vos.

The Edu*Rhetor blog’s aim is to inquire into and practice good rhetoric in the domains of higher education and society.

  • good rhetoric is truthful and has the ethical aim of achieving clarity, mutual understanding, encouragement toward good actions, and criticism of what is faulty or false.
  • good rhetoric usually makes use of ethical strategies of argumentation, evidence, and implication. It does not deceive or harm audiences or others in order to achieve a good result.

However, these are ideals and aspirations. These are not claims to universal knowledge of rhetoric, nor ethical perfection. Let’s aspire to practice, teach, and learn better rhetoric.

Blog Administrator

Tania S. Smith: Associate Professor of Communications Studies who teaches Rhetoric and Professional Communication in the Department of Communication and Culture at the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

See my University of Calgary website.


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